We are Yoaf. A trio of Tom Fox, Tim Yates and Jon Saunders playing homemade instruments, objects and toys.

“After Yoaf had done their thing, someone cried the name Coil […] for there was the same sense of players being less musicians than sound mediums, tuning into and channeling uncanny forces of some description.

Their weapons of choice were strings and springs. One took to the strangest of spring-sprung devices, looking like one of those things you find in old junk shops which you can’t play after midnight, and when you go back the junk shop isn’t there any more. (You know the sort of thing.) While the other played a long plank of wood strung with strings, a steel guitar for the most lo-fi of lo-fi enthusiasts, which he’d bow or even attack with a hammer. Other instruments were employed along the way, all either found or home-made.”Lucid Frenzy

You can get in touch at info@yoaf.uk.